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Layer: Resource rights (select countries) (ID: 0)

Name: Resource rights (select countries)

Display Field: name

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: "Resource Rights" refers to areas over which indigenous peoples or local communities enjoy rights to certain resources and a limited right to access the land, whether legally recognized or not, in order to exercise their resource rights. The exact nature of these resource rights varies among tenure type and country.The resource rights data on GFW, while displayed as a single layer, is assembled on a country-by-country basis from multiple sources.Resource rights data displayed on the GFW website vary from country to country by date and data sources. Data may come from government agencies, NGOs, or other organizations. Liberia community forestsCommunal Forests are areas set aside by statute or regulation for the sustainable use of forest products by local communities or tribes on a non-commercial basis. According to the National Forestry Reform Law of 2006, no prospecting, mining, settlement, farming or commercial timber extraction is permitted on community forestsNamibia community forestsThis data set displays the boundaries of areas registered as Community Forests in Namibia. Community Forests are recognized by the Minister of Environment and Tourism as communal lands subject to a management plan agreed upon by the Minister and a representative body of communal land members. In accordance with the agreement, the management plan grants communal land members the rights to manage and use natural resources, including the removal of forest produce for fuel, personal shelter, or livestock shelter; allows for agricultural activity; allows communal land members to authorize others to use the community forest?s natural resources; and allows communal land members to collect a fee and set conditions for the use of natural resources.Cameroon community forestsThis data set displays the boundaries of areas designated as Community Forests in Cameroon. Community Forests legally recognize a community?s ownership rights to forest resources, both timber and non-timber. It includes the right to access, use, withdraw for commercial purposes or subsistence, and exclude others from the forest. The land remains owned by the Cameroonian Government. The community?s rights to forest resources are renewed every five years as long as the community complies with the Community Forest Management Agreement. A community may also contract with a third party to commercially harvest timber.According to the 1994 Forestry law, Cameroon's forest is divided into non-permanent and permanent forest zones. The notion of community forest was included in this law to give access to local communities to gain access and manage a piece of forest land for specific community objectives. This dataset displays the spatial boundaries for allocated commuinty forest in Cameroon. The dataset was developed by WRI and MINFOF personel working under the WRI-MINFOF collaboration agreement. Mapping work was based on transcribing official boundary descriptive documents from MINFOF into a GIS. The current dataset is updated upto December 2009 for publication in the Interactive Forestry Atlas Version 3Equatorial Guinea community forestsThis data set displays the boundaries of areas designated as Community Forests in Equatorial Guinea. Community Forests legally recognize a community?s right to access government owned land in order to use the forest for subsistence. The forest remains owned by the government, and must be adjacent to the community. Community Forests are of perpetual duration.

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